Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week of August 26

Grammar, Composition, and Literature 9-10
  • Spelling: List 4 (9) and 2B (10); QUIZ 8/30
  • Grammar: Begin Punctuation (Using End Marks and Commas)
  • Literature: Begin in Unit 2, Narrative Poetry; Unit 1 Quiz, 8/28
World Literature 11-12
  • Finish Unit 2.
  • Unit 1-2 Test, 8/30
  • Spelling List 2B, QUIZ 8/30
World History, 9-12
  • Review for Test 1
  • Complete Map Project 2
  • TEST 1, 8/29
  • NOTEBOOK QUIZ 2, 8/29

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week of August 19

9-10th Grade Literature, Grammar, and Composition
  • Literature: Complete Unit 1. Continuing improving answering questions with textual support.
  • Grammar: The Paragraph; QUIZ 2, Capitalization, 8/19; TEST, Units 1-4, 8/23
  • Spelling: 9th-List 3, 10th-List 2A; QUIZ 8/23
11-12th World Literature and Composition
  • Literature: Finish Chapter 1; Introduce Narrative Poetry, Ch. 2. QUIZ 1, 8/21
  • Spelling:  List 2A; QUIZ 8/23
  • Composition: Paragraph Development
World History
  • Chapter 3; QUIZ 2, 8/22; TEST, Ch.1-3, 8/30

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week of August 12

We had a great first week of school! A big shout out to my 9th and 10th grade Language class: everyone passed the first spelling and vocabulary quiz!

Here is what's up this week:

9th-10th Grade Language-
  • Spelling/Vocab List 2 (9th) and 1B (10th); QUIZ Friday 8/16
  • Grammar QUIZ 1 over Manuscript Form and the Library, Monday 8/12; begin reviewing capitalization rules.
  • Literature, "Education, Our Own Work" and introduction to answering questions with textual support.
11-12th World Literature
  • Spelling/Vocabulary 1B; QUIZ Friday 8/16--focus on synonyms and word parts
  • Literature: Complete Chapter 1.
World History
  • Map Project 1 due, Tuesday 8/13
  • Complete Chapter 2. QUIZ Thursday, 8/15

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's Up: Week 1

9th-10th Grade Grammar, Composition, and World Literature:

Spelling and Vocabulary: List 1 (9) and List 1A (10th) SPELLING QUIZ ON FRIDAY, 8/9

World Literature: Introduction to Literary Elements in Fiction; Read "Good Morning, Miss Dove."

Grammar and Composition: Get to Know the Library and Manuscript Form; How to write Book Reports.

11-12th Grade World Literature

Spelling and Vocabulary: List 1A and Vocabulary; SPELLING QUIZ ON FRIDAY, 8/9

World Literature: Introduction to Literary Elements in Fiction; Read "Good Morning, Miss Dove."; Answering questions in short essay form.

Composition: Writing Book Reports.

World History
  • Cover Chapter 1

  • Introduce expectations for highlighting, note taking, study guides, and section/chapter reviews

  • Map Project 1

Welcome to H.O.P.E.!

Dear H.O.P.E. Academy High School Parents and Students,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to another great year at H.O.P.E. Academy! My name is Kimberly Hall, and this year, I will be teaching the academic subjects of:
·        9th Grade Grammar and Composition and Spelling
·        World Literature
·        World History
Each student is expected to come to class prepared with all of the required materials and with a positive attitude. I expect each student to do his or her best to follow this simple set of rules while in my class:
·        Be Respectful (of teacher, self, and others)
·        Be Helpful
·        Be Diligent (work hard and stay on task)
·        Be Kind
·        Be Prepared
I will be available each Monday after school from 1:30-3:00 for student help classes. I will also be available to parents for any questions or concerns on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30-3:00. Should you wish to schedule an appointment or talk with me, please use the following contact information:
·        E-mail through Engrade.
·        My classroom blog:
·        My personal e-mail:
·        Only as a last alternative, my personal cell number: (404)-376-3054
I am looking forward to a great year of getting to know you and your student!
Kimberly Hall